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Good-Bye 2020!

Oh My Goodness, what a crazy year. So many challenges, lost jobs, lost loved ones, quarantining over and over, masks, social distancing and missing our loved ones. 

If 2020 has taught me nothing else, it is not to assume that life is status quo. Do not take your home, your job, your loved ones for granted. 

I'm so sorry I've been away from social media for so long. My family has had many challenges this year due to COVID-19. 

I pray that in 2021 we are able to conquer the challenges that 2020 put before us. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to complete my new book, Lucy's Christmas Cookies, this year. I am hopeful that it will be out in time for Christmas 2021. 

Love to you all. Stay safe, stay healthy. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family.  

xoxo, JM


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