Introducing a new series of books designed to educate and inspire our children as well as give back to our community.   A percentage of all the sales  go to support various local charities that work to make a change in our community.

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At Your Service  will be out in 2019

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French Fries in the Park

Follow along with Mrs. Moomoo and Brianna as they go on another adventure.  Today the happy twosome meet a young boy named Tommy, who has autism.

French Fries in the Park is a great source for discussion, whether in a classroom setting or at home, that will help children understand what autism is and how it affects some children....[more]

“JM Sheridan created a warm and welcoming story with endearing characters that introduces young children to the idea that their friends, siblings, cousins and/or neighbors with autism really are more like them than not, just like their other friends. It provides opportunity for adults to describe differences in a non-judgmental manner in language young children will understand.”

Joanne G. Quinn

Executive Director, The Autism Project  

2019 recipient of the Purple Dragonfly Book Award for Excellence in Children's Literature. 

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Dragonfly Magic


Dragonfly Magic was written for young children around 6-8 years of age. Beautifully illustrated, the message is to stay true to themselves and not to give up on what they believe in - even if others do not share the same belief.  Encouraging self-confidence, belief in oneself, and they learn that perseverance achieves goals! 

Bound and determined, Brianna and her favorite stuffed animal, a black-and-white cow named Mrs. Moomoo, set off on a search for magic. Follow along with them on their fun and exciting journey.....[more]

Amazon Review:

"We love this book!! Stumbled upon it and my girls ask for it regularly! They constantly make up games and stories of Mrs Moo Moo and her adventures! Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given my girls"

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