Time for another adventure with Brianna and Mrs. Moomoo! Today they meet a very special dog – A Service Dog. Brianna and Mrs. Moomoo learn that when the dog is wearing his vest, he on the job and working hard.  They also learn how he is trained to help his owner, as well as some helpful dos and don’ts when you are around service dogs. And, of course, Brianna and Mrs. Moomoo make some new friends.


Proceeds from each sale of At Your Service will go to help support Massachusetts-based company, Canines for Disabled Kids.  This fantastic organization has a scholarship program that is used to aid families who have children that would benefit from having a service dog.


Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that strives to increase independence for children with disabilities by promoting service dog partnerships, understanding and awareness throughout the community.  CDK provides educational awareness programs to help communities understand and welcome the special canine tool each child uses. CDK strives to award 20 or more scholarships each year to help cover some of the training costs for these children/canine teams.  Serviced Dogs are trained to do skills which directly impact the individual’s disability, helping them to be more independent and to more fully access the communities they live in.  Partnering with a service dog can expand a child’s independence allowing them to live their lives more fully engaged in their communities, education and social lives.  CDK works to be sure children living with disabilities have the ability to access service dogs and greater independence.

At Your Service

  • At Your Service is the third book in this delightful series that educates and inspires our children as well as giving back to our local community. This book will go to help support Canines for Disabled Kids, located in Massachusetts